photo booth templates tutorial

photo booth templates tutorial

hey this is Orlando of spontaneous entertainment I’m here to give you just a couple of tricks and what I use when I when I well when I use simples Pro Edition to you you can use overlays as layout you know it’s a little different from the I guess the PC software’s but what I do is I design some of my actually all of my layouts in Photoshop so I can kind of give you guys like my workflow to see what I do to kind of bring it into like simplebooth and like the whole process okay so here it is all you need is any any I believe any built a photoshop any version of it they’re all basically you know for what you need it for Anita’s your layers and you know it’s it’s very basic so you can use any anyone you like so if you have CS one two three four five doesn’t matter you still follow along okay so come on in okay this is the Pro Edition – I’m going to start it up okay I have no presets here so we’re gonna make one and we’ll call it a template template done it with a open template okay after we open template the first thing we are going to do is we’re gonna take our margins and we’re gonna bring it on oh the way up to as far as it can go okay once the templates once the templates up there we’re gonna come on down I want to bring my countdown seconds down so that the template is a pretty quick I put it on two seconds take off the beep sounds for now cuz it’s just we’re just cuz after I go through the whole thing I want to go to one session so I can show you how it works make sure I turn off all the edit screens I don’t want any kind of social media I usually do turn on auto print but this time I will not because I’m not planning to print this finished layouts and save four by six sheets directly to Dropbox so if if I had a social media kiosk connected it will go right to my Dropbox right into my live bullets and I can pick it up

you know immediately okay so here what we’re gonna do the first thing we’re gonna do is

we’re gonna take into account layout size on the lower right see the layout side is the size is nine 88 by 1551 pixels that is the dimensions you need to put into Photoshop when you start a new a new project okay so follow me into a Photoshop okay now that we are in Photoshop this happens to be Photoshop Creative Cloud 2015 we’re gonna open up a new document gonna go up to file new document call it template alright now we’re gonna change the width to 19 what was it 1988 1551 I believe okay resolution could be anywhere between 70 to 150 I try to go on the higher side just so that it prints with more details but the sizes that we print would really wouldn’t really impact it too much okay so I’m gonna click OK that should give me the exact same size as the screen okay so from here okay if you notice I do have rulers on the screen up on top view rulers I just clicked the shortcut which is command R to turn them on and off the reason why we need them is to create guides okay the first thing we do is we click the background layer twice clicking the background layer twice makes it an editable layer even though we’re not gonna edit it just in case we want to do something to it later

okay we want to do first thing is we want to create some grid lines or we want to create our template now the template has to look something like it has to look something like hold on has to look something like this right you figure cuz we’re doing a four for photo templates alright so this is something I did for 50 year old’s birthday party a couple of while back okay so here okay what we’re gonna do it’s first we’re gonna take our line tool now our line tool is here if we right click we have rectangle tool rounded rectangle tool ellipse ellipse tool polygon tool line tool line tool is what I use okay now before using it I want to click on my move tool now when you click you notice how the arrow changes when we go into the ruler itself okay when I click it’s gonna and drag down it’s gonna give me a guy now this guide is gonna snap it’s always gonna snap into 50 percent of the page so if I scroll down it’s gonna stop directly in the middle of the page okay so now I’m gonna do that same thing that was the horizontal and I will do the vertical it’s gonna snap right in the middle done so that’s the middle okay so now we have a perfect X right over plus sign right in the middle because that’s what we want our lines to be okay so first we wanna now we want to click on our line tool line it up now we can create a line right now this particular line right it’s always gonna be crooked unless you hold down the shift key the shift key automatically makes it even there will always be on the same plane or on the same pixel so to speak so we want to do that on the horizontal one and we want to do that on the verse on the vertical line so we want to drag down holding down the shift key so now we have that X so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna turn off the guys cuz we don’t need them now the shortcut is command semicolon or if I wanted to turn them off see here when we go to snap to I’m sorry where is it show guides that’s what turns them on and off that’s for those who don’t know the shortcuts show turn off the guides okay so we don’t need them so the way we can see those lines because if you notice I have a foreground color white in the background color black so that means that the lines are there but they are white so we want them to appear I can actually take them so that they appear and add a stroke to it

so now you can see them so we’ll add a stroke on the inside so that’s so we need it’s just a blue bar now I can take that effects and I can take that copy layer style over here paste layer style now gives me the exact same line isn’t it yes sir exact same line so now that we have those two lines that it that’ll basically give us like a an idea of where we’re going now that’s just the middle portions now we need the outer portion so we basically have to duplicate both of these lines to give us the entire frame you could say okay so the first thing I want to do is label which is which okay this is the horizontal I’ll just type it at hor actually you know what that’s pretty bad okay can’t spell today okay then we have vertical okay so that’s the vertical okay we want to do is we want to duplicate both of these layers twice so we’ll do the vertical twice first the way we duplicate the layer is you can actually grab the layer and you can drag it down to the new layer that’ll automatically give you a copy or you can hold down command J and that will give you another copy so it’s it’s either/or a shortcut so click on the move tool now holding down the shift key we want to drag one to the right hand side of the screen and drag the other to the left hand side of the screen holding down the shift key now if you notice it went a little too far we’re gonna scan in a little bit so we want it at the end of the page now we can click the other side we’ll look at it by pixels so you make sure we’re at the end of the page okay both sides so now we do the same thing to the to the

vertical line so a quick command J twice so we make two copies now we’re gonna take one oh no what there wasn’t the vertical we had a copy see that I made a mistake horizontal twice oh we already did the vertical okay so now we’re gonna shrink this down a little bit and then we’ll drag this one oops sorry I’m gonna drag this one up drag it a little bit up to the top should snap and drag this copy down to the bottom now what I mean by snap is Photoshop has a thing where it actually snaps right into where it’s supposed to be you know if it’s against a line or if it’s against a mutual point the kind of snaps so it kind of helps you okay so now we have our total our total background you could say so now what I want to do is turn all these effects off because I don’t need to see them right now so make sure they’re all

off I take them all highlight them all now what I want to do is merge them all with each other oh come on finger stuff okay I want to merge them all with each other so I want to go to layer I want to merge down so where is it is it where is it that I lose it I’m so used to the shortcuts okay that’s what I want to do I’m gonna merge down oh there it is later merge shapes so then I’ll merge them onto one one layer all right which is what we need now using this stroke we can change it to any color so let’s say we want it to be a green we want it to be you know whatever color you like then you can increase the density by using it in the center you can increase the thickness of the lines should we do it on the inside okay we’ll do it there inside so that it brings it in evenly oh you know what they got prefer the center yeah so here so we bring it out a little bit see that gives us the full outline that we need now this particular outline if you save it as a PSD file it can you can save it as let’s say this particular size I like to do it is kind of not too wide because I like to have more of the picture and have the pictures a little larger so I like to keep it around

I would say around there just so that it gives us like a little outline now this particular outline can be changed at any time so you have an event that let’s say it’s around Christmas time and you need a red you bring it here to the red and it’s a baby shower you need like a light pink or a light pink well it’s a baby shower but it’s a boy light blue change it to a light blue so you can always change that because it is a PSD file so you know you can always just save and adjust now I’m gonna turn off the bottom layer now that bottom layer it’s just the placeholders that you can see where the pictures go I’ll bring it back just so that we can see the color now this is where the tricks come in now Photoshop is a layer based software so everything you see is everything is done in layers so whatever layer is on top is the one that’s gonna be most prominent that you’re gonna see okay so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take this and I’m gonna add another layer on top of it okay that’s gonna be the text layer so we’re gonna call it I guess we’ll call it my birthday my birthday I know it’s not original not my birthday but I’ll use that for now so I can take this spread it out just a little bit and we can add some text effects to it in order to make it more prominent you throw a little shadow on it there it is appears so I can take that color see one of the things about also Photoshop is when you want to choose the color you can always choose a color of little whatever graphic you have in the actual file itself and you can take that color so let’s say I want to see how the back the like the the drop shadow changes now to the background color and you can’t really notice it

if you want it to be a little more prominent you just add a little more color to it so now it’s within the same color family which is darkening it up so that it looks more promise so we put photos behind it of course you’ll see it because it has that highlight there then we can also adjust how much of the highlight how much of the distance it is how much of the spread it is to make it darker you know you can pretty simple so then here so then we could take that and of course it’s it’s its own field so you could drag it around do as you wish with it let’s say you just want it down here and it’ll just be on the bottom picture it’s up to you I’m a big symmetrical person so I don’t like it just to be on one side that’s kind of weird to me but we could take it down and shrink it now the way I’m shrinking it by the way is you hold down command T that’s the transform tool now every time I transform something I try keep the what do they call it the like the the attributes of the of the square because if I bring it in see how the text kind of squashes I don’t like that let me undo that so I always like the hold down shift and always take the corner so that it keeps its um you know just its attributes you know so whether it goes larger or smaller that font is still basically the same size you know like everything has the correct kerning and kerning it’s like the distance between each letter I want all that to stay consistent so I always try to hold down Shift key to you know keep that keep those proportions that’s the word proportions okay so then we can also you also want to advertise yourself so we can make a copy of this and we can put down here my site comm so if you want to promote yourself we can take that now we can take this one and we can change that particular color all right so right here this particular website see this is uh it’s actually a white with a different color drop shadow so we can do is we can have a color overlay on it I will change that to let’s say a black looks blue right now right doesn’t it okay what we want to do is we want to take that did I change it did I tell you oh I change it to blue so here we want to change it to black and we make it real small so that’s it’s noticeable but it’s not noticeable in the corner so you can put your thing on the side so you can always promote yourself I’ll leave it here let’s say hypothetically speaking you would obviously you wouldn’t put it on there on some events you put it on there you want to totally up to you okay now this is where we dress it up so then we could turn off both of these and now we want to dress this up so let’s say this is gonna be a boy’s baby shower so we want to dress this up like kind of babyish so what could we use we could use different brushes so we’re going to the brush tool we can add some frames and we can add things of that nature so we add another layer and here I have a weird brush I download a bunch of brush brush a bunch of brushes off Google well you can actually just Google Photoshop brushes and you’ll get a whole bunch of websites and places that have thousands and thousands of brushes so you can just basically collect to your heart’s content I mean you can basically and you can also make your own so let’s say we want to let’s say we want to add let’s say let’s let’s think of something let’s think of something um this is just at random okay so let’s say we want to add corners to this so I like this particular corner so I take this brush let me know it’s gonna pop up this little too big so using my bracket keys I’m gonna make it smaller then it kind of blends in so I make sure my color is let’s see we’ll do a black let’s see what it looks like oh don’t like it seriously that’s the way you experiment and you go through your brushes and you kind of you know get a feel for what’s out there what we could do is actually well let’s say the little boy likes cars so you know what must be a little inventive here let’s go online and we’ll check this out check this out let’s see we’ll go here we’ll go to let’s see car PS speech oh so let’s see if we can a free pick and we’ll just at random grab a pic of a car let’s see it kind of a cool car you don’t want a real car I want a toy car let’s see like any of these so that will go into images look like one okay so this one looks like it’ll match well so we’ll take that well view image save images to downloads close that because we don’t need that so now we can do is go into our downloads and we’ll take that sports car drag it right in alright so you notice it actually isn’t a PSD because the whites behind it now what I can do is I can put it to multiply and it’ll disappear but it’ll blend in too much I don’t want it to blend in we can put this here in the corner underneath or we can put it somewhere in the middle you drink it what I don’t want it to be yeah I don’t know if I like that yes I didn’t like it then you delete it think of something else okay we’ll see if we can get another car let’s say we want to use this one’s nice this is a PSD file so we view the image let’s see this should be a lot better okay that’s that one let’s try this one this is a PNG so it’s most likely op there it is so it’s transparent so we could take this we can put this down here make it a little smaller that could be like you know like the theme we can copy it and put it up here

I’ll put it on the bottom or even put it on the other side or no not really or you see notice that color we can take that color and change the stroke so now what we do is to click the color wheel see how you get the eyedropper click here it’s gonna give you the different shades of purple ah see so now it kind of matches that we could take this that’ll give us a little more of a feel so that when we pop into my birthday so now since this is slack we can change the font color to black and take away the smoke let’s go okay so now we have that now you notice this font doesn’t really go well this font doesn’t mean to go well with we can add a little drop shadow behind I did with a different color see this purple Purple’s too dark I can actually keep it in the purple family here and then bring down the spread sweeping down the spread down the distance it’s my home I get to just beat yeah there it is we’ll just have a slight slight slight glow around it then here there so that we could take that and we can also dress up the corners here so then we’ll look for a brush add another layer let’s go for let’s see let’s see let’s see something don’t see let’s see let’s see I look at this tire tracks that’ll work hey let’s see he’s a pretty big so put the tire tracks down let’s see what they look like I don’t know if they look kinda weird maybe I need to write one hmm let’s see let’s see if I can put a tire track going down the side here what kind of cool actually you know what what about to make it bigger I can actually make the tire track really big it looks like somebody ran it over mechanical i can bring their car over that layer it still pops up i think it was like a little yeah just a little something I don’t know I’m just making up something is that okay so then what we’ll do is we’ll save that and we’ll save it now remember you have to save it as a PNG file and you have to make sure it has no background see these little checkered boxes that means that it’s transparent so we can take that take this automatically go to save as I’ll savor this template on my desktop so that I have the PSD file you always want to save the PSD file first because you can always alter and change it later so then we can take it now we save it as a PNG because this is what you are going to email yourself see the file extension changes to PNG go to desktop so that you know where to find it there it is so now it has been saved so now it’s on the desktop where is the template hold on where is it where is it okay so here it is that’s the template okay we’re gonna email it to ourselves open up my email here myself okay so then you’re gonna email it to myself so I can get it on my iPad okay now we’re back on our iPad and we want to go into our mail app now remember this is very important always use your mail app your mail app is the you know the actual you know with a little 300 always use your mail app that never go into either Safari or Firefox or one of those particular apps and log into your email because it does not save as a PNG all those other forms they all save as a JPEG you want it to stay as a PNG so open up mail notorious template okay it’s downloading once it downloads what you want to do as a download come online it once it downloads you tap and hold save image that will automatically save it to your camera roll so now we open simplebooth want to click overlay image choose go into our camera roll there you go that’s our template now if you notice we have a white background up you know I’m both around each photo now we bring the margins back so as we bring the margins back there you go so now you have your overlay so once you have your overlay then you’re good to go to take the picture so now we can actually now that we have it already set we don’t have to touch to the corners we don’t have to touch the background or the background image we don’t have to touch any of that Start screen none of that stuff because remember we already preset it beforehand so now we can click and start the session so now we are going to booth mode tap the start booth remember it’s a four photo template so here’s my face so we’ll start it off what pic to one picture to it’s a three and the fourth here’s the tablet there you go English (auto-generated)